Monday, November 7, 2011

St.Martin’s Day

On Friday it is St.Martin’s Day. I know most of you won’t be familiar with this celebration. It is a very German thing, I thought, but after reading this I think it is a very European thing.

Anyway, in Germany it is not a super-duper important celebration either, except for Kindergarten kids. I still remember the excitement I felt when I was little. You crafted lanterns at Kindergarten before, and then you were allowed to go out at dark and run around with your friends (and parents). Sometimes there was even St.Martin himself on his horse accompanying the lantern procession. One lantern or other would always go up in flames. And in the end you got hot chocolate and a cookie. Kids adventure pure.
Now my little one is about to celebrate her first St.Martin’s Day. I am not sure whether she is ready for the whole adventure, but I cannot wait ;-). A few things seem to have changed in the past 35 years, however. First of all the lanterns are not crafted at Kindergarten anymore (or maybe just with children who are already able to either use scissors or a glue stick). Also candles are not allowed due to security reasons. You have to use LED-lights nowadays, so I guess the going-up-in-flames bit won’t happen anymore. I just hope St.Martin shows up, otherwise I will need a double shot of hot chocolate to overcome my disappointment ;-).
Anyway, since I have been raised with a new self-made lantern every year of my childhood, I just couldn’t buy a lantern for my little one. I had to make one. Since she is only 1,5 years, she wasn’t a great help, but she did pick up the waxed paper from my stash ;-)

I started off with a cheese box (as you do ;-)) and then just added waxed paper and some dollies (basically to cover the bottom bit since I didn’t had enough waxed paper and I didn’t want the cheese box to be visible). It is a bit more girly than I would normally like, but somehow I was in a sweet mood. And I guess it makes up for the lack of girly clothing on my little one. Maybe people then recognize that she is a girl even if she wears jeans and neutral colors day in and out.  And I cherish the years that I can get away without a Princess Lilifee lantern. Maybe it is just this year anyway ;-)

Ahhh, I cannot wait for Friday!


michaela said...

ohhh... in our kindergarden as well the new kids from this summer can make there own lantern ... (my daughter is one of them and she wants to make a pink cat).


Anonymous said...

Ach, das ist ja nur die Haelfte des Spasses, wenn die Kinder keine Laternen mehr basteln; hoffe sehr dass dies nur 'Alters eingeschraenkt' zutrifft.

Btw., schoen, Dich wieder online zu hoeren - bis auf weiteres also und

liebe Gruesse,

* Ninotschka * said...

Ach nee, dann sind meine Kita-Erzieherinnen vielleicht nur etwas bastelfaul. Naja, sie sollen ja auch lieber mit meinem Kind machen, was ich nicht so gerne mache. Und basteln uebernehme ich immer gerne ;-)
@Gerlinde: Freue mich auch so sehr wieder hier zu sein. Endlich! Habe euch sehr vermisst.