Saturday, November 19, 2011

I ♥ red shoes

found here


Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy (sorry 'girl' ;-) ) I think I'm falling right into the picture due to pink envy (pink is friendly one; green is 'serious' one ;-) :-D !)
But tell me, aren't you wearing them a little bit OZ-style: 'thong-ish', means a little wee bit to comfy/oversized?

As I can see, you're full back in action here on your blog and it has only been my own fault when missing out on you here.
Sorry, had a bit of a mishap here: messmate tree over power line recently. As you surely remember, those 'mates' can make quite a mess ;-) :-D .

Precautionary I'll wish you already a very merry X-mass time and a nice 'skid' into the New Year since here gradually the waters are subsiding and - as you surely remember as well - suddenly summer will be all over us with aaall its blessings (and trappings; concerning those of us living in the country side).
I'll surely visit you occasionally here yet my 'novels' for comments will get a bit reduced in length; means: more peaceful life for you and other bloggers due to reduced sermons of mine.

Chin up, iron patience for future sick days in the household and happy X-mass sew along.


Rosy said...

Actually, it looks sooo comfortable ... also soooo beautiful ...

* Ninotschka * said...

@Rosy: I LOVE your icon. Audrey is just the best! And I always try to wear shoes which are comfy and beautiful. Because live is too short for hurting feet. :-)

* Ninotschka * said...

@Gerlinde: Ah, pink envy. Never heard it before but it is such a nicer shade compared to green ;-)And you are completely right half a size bigger makes a shoe go from okay to aahhhh. I love comfy shoes. I guess it is my age and the fact that I constantly run around. Good-bye high heels ;-(
Summer, how nice would that be right now. It has been foggy and freezing cold in Berlin for the past days and I am already over it. Anyway, enjoy summer, but I will miss you. Hope you come back whenever the power is working and the sunshine outside is not too tempting. Please let me know when you start your own blog. It is about time, I think!