Saturday, November 6, 2010


Most of my November posts are dedicated to special, unique, customised, personalised, custom-made presents. Hopefully there is some inspiration for your Christmas shopping or crafting, so that we can all enjoy the last days before Christmas with the wrapped pressies hidden in our cupboards and wardrobes.

for          generous book lenders, kids, bookworms,...
how       find reading-related pictures online   *   set up document (MSWord works best for standard adhesive labels – go to mailings > labels and then choose the brand and type of your label for perfect results in terms of size)   * insert picture   *   add the standard “Ex libris”, “This book belongs to...” "from the books of ...", "from the library of ...” or your own terminology   *    print on adhesive labels *   give bookplates in a little box or with a new book
make     on your computer and printer

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