Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Most of my November posts are dedicated to special, unique, customised, personalised, custom-made presents. Hopefully there is some inspiration for your Christmas shopping or crafting, so that we can all enjoy the last days before Christmas with the wrapped pressies hidden in our cupboards and wardrobes. And since it is Wedding Wednesday as well, this pressie is something particularly for all brides-to-be as well.

for brides-to-be, mothers-of-the-bride, bridesmaids and all other wedding guests, but also best-friends, sisters, mums, favourite grannies, everyone in search of the perfect little black dress, an amazing Christmas-party-dress

how Choose your fabric, your dress elements (collar, top, middle, bottom, belts, bows, etc.), your lengths, your style, your size... and get it made within a week or two.

I tried Styleshake when I couldn’t find a dress for my wedding at the registry. The ordered dress was amazing – the silk was soft, the size perfect (without any fitting), the workmanship impeccable, the price unbelievable (EUR 90 for a silk dress!), it arrived after just 2 weeks (from the UK to Australia!) and it was truly MY dress. Designed by me. Oh, and you can also design your very own skirts, tops and accessories. So what are you waiting for!

buy at Styleshake

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