Saturday, December 1, 2012

First day of Advent Calendar

As promised, I will share the content of my little one’s Advents calendar day by day. Since today was the starting point of the transformation of my little one’s play kitchen...

... into a little play shop, she got a bit more than usual to give the shop a head start and get her all excited about the a-gift-per-day thing. My little one is 2.5 years old so this year will be the first year in which she understands the whole Advents calendar and gift thing. Last year she still refused to unwrap her Christmas presents because she thought they were cute children’s chairs ;-)
This year it will be different, I am sure. She will be excited about presents and she will find it as hard as I did to wait another day before opening the next present ;-)
But now without any further blahblah, here is bag No 1:
In it she found today...
... scales made of my old letter scales personalised with a sticker with her shop’s name on it and...
 ... a couple of paper bags to fill in the weighed goods.
So, guess what we did all day ;-)

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