Thursday, January 5, 2012

In 2012 I am looking forward to...

... 2 weddings of my nearest and dearest
First of all the big wedding of my best friend, who celebrated her Standesamt wedding last year in Bavarian tradition. The big party will be in the Bavarian countryside, but I think it terms of style it will be quite different. More traditional bridal. Which means I can wear a new dress ;-) I am her maid of honour so there will be a lot of wedding planning, crafting and sewing, I promise. Yippee!

Then later in the year my sister will have her wedding. I am super-excited about this. My little sister. And my favourite brother-in-law. At the moment they don’t know whether it will be in a small castle in Bavaria or a ski lodge in Austria – I don’t care, because I know it will be a unforgettable celebration and party. No matter where.

... writing a book
I always wanted to write a book. Not for others. Not because it could make me rich. Or famous. Just because I would love to see something I wrote printed in a real book. I always thought it would be a crime thriller, but recently I think of something else. I think I could really do it. I would love to. Let’s see whether 2012 will be the year of my first book ;-)

... sewing more
I have so many sewing projects in mind that I honestly do not know where to start. Another one of my favourite shift dress? Another wrap dress? A Jackie-O-dress? A cape? Another hat ? A Carnival costume for my little one? A dress for my best friend’s wedding? And for my sister’s wedding? Finally something made from Jersey? More skirts?

... looking better after myself
My lovely husband just started a new job. Great challenges. Great colleagues. But 300km from home. So me and the little one are on our own during the week and see Papa just on the weekends. Very strange feeling. I have had long-distance relationships before – which I didn’t like particularly either – but a baby really gives this a whole new dimension. Anyway, I better stop whinging and start to look at the positive sides. No compromises on the evening TV programme! Evening after evening on my beloved sewing machine! Vegetarian dishes for dinner! ... Well, I cannot think of much else at the moment, but I am sure that I will discover more along the way. Right? Right!

... getting better at juggling work and my little one (or at least with a bit less running)
I know life won’t get less hectic, especially with my lovely husband not around every day. But I will try my very best to take it less serious. Walk instead of run. Be more pragmatic and less perfectionistic. Get a babysitter. Not look at the dust bunnies too closely – at least they are quiet pets ;-)

... and an unexpected present
I have no idea when to expect this. Or from whom. Or what it will be. Whether it will be big or small. I just hope I will recognise it whenever it will come my way. Because that is what my New Year’s Eve fortune cookie promised me. And of course, I believe in fortune cookies J

Oh well, 2012 looks pretty good to me ;-)

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