Monday, August 1, 2011

Venezia per i locali – Venice for locals

I am back! It is sad (for me) but true. Back to work. Back to rainy weather.

I have taken a bit of Italy with me. A bit of Italian cuisine. A bit of Italian laissez faire. I hope it will last a while in my Berlin everyday life ;-)
I have also brought back some souvenirs for you. Don’t worry no Carnival masks! No Murano glass. No fake Gucci bags. No gondola lamps.
Just a few photos I want to share with you over the next couple of days. To keep the Italian dolce vita alive. And to show you a few ‘different’ sides of Venice. If you live in an apartment there and try to avoid the tourist crowds, you can find amazing and truly beautiful things.
But first my accommodation recommendation. An apartment right in the centre, very close to Piazza San Marco. The house looks pretty run-down, like most buildings in Venice. The courtyard isn’t too inviting and the stairway just looks ‘brutto’ (according to the lovely owner of the apartment), but the apartment itself is recently renovated and furnished practically and beautifully with Ikea. Plus it has a working air condition which is indispensable in the hotter months (June, July and August).
Entrance to the hidden doorway leading to the courtyard (between two restaurants with wonderful food – in case you don’t feel like cooking at home)
One of the two bedrooms – modern refurbished but with the wonderful old timber beams
View from the window to the beautiful palazzo on the other side of the Campo
Where: Corte Sabionera off Campo SS. Filippo e Giacomo , Castello, Venezia
Highlight:  so close to Piazza San Marco that you can even see the apartment on some of the San Marco postcards, ideal to stop there any time for lunch, an afternoon nap or cooling off in the aircon
More photos, information and ideas:  Apartment Corte 2

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